How Clio Came to Be

Alpha Clio of SUNY Geneseo Clio was founded in 1872 as a literary society at what was then the Geneseo Normal School, a small teaching college in upstate NY. Clio was the one of the first social organizations at SUNY Geneseo. Clio was a sister organization to the Delphic Society for men (now Delta Kappa Tau Fraternity). In their early years the societies performed many song contests and poetry readings to entertain the student body. Around 1902 Clio took on the Greek letters Phi Kappa Pi. Clio was one of the original members of the SUNY Geneseo Inter- Greek Council when it was established in 1915, along with Delphic, Agonian, Arethusa, and Phi Alpha. Clio’s colors are Gold and White and its symbol is the Daisy. Clio has had many homes over the years but currently resides at 20 Wadsworth Street.

Clio Celebrated 145 years in May 2017