Month: May 2014

Fall 2014 Roster

Spring 2011                                                                                      Christy Olivieri* Fall 2011                                                                                           Kelsey Giambruno* Spring 2012                                                                                      Cassidy Brennan Lauren …

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Fall 2014 Positions

The new positions and who holds them for the Fall 2014 semester: Upper Slate True Clio                                                                                Catherine Heacox                                                                                          President                                                                               Lindsay Carr                                                                                          Vice President                                                                       Taylor Campanelli                                                                                          House President                                                                    Cassidy Brennan                                                                                          Treasurer                                                                               Maureen Sallie                                                                                          Assistant True Clio …

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Greek Challenge!

Hi Clios! The Greek Challenge is still on! If we are able to able to get 15% or more of our alumni to make an unrestricted gift of $20.00 or more OR match the unrestricted gift you make last year- we may be able to get $2,000 for our active girls. Currently Clio is in …

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