Clio Alumni Sister Keg (NYC)

Hello Clios! We are excited to say the Alumni Sister Keg in NYC had a great turnout! We had about¬†25 people in attendance, and although we were a few under the minimum headcount requirement, we were still able to break even with the venue’s cost! Everyone seemed to enjoy the get-together and open bar, while supporting the Clio Corporation. We were able to meet up with some DKs in the area, while wearing daisies in our hair– just like in college! It was definitely a successful start to plenty more fundraising events in the future. If you have any suggestions on where another reunion fundraising event should be, please reach out to Jacqueline Thompson at So far, she has looked into Rochester, NY and Boston, MA. Clio Alumni Sister Keg 2014- NYC ¬† Thank you!

CLIO Alumni Sister Keg

Hello Clios!

Come join your fellow alumni and active Phi Kappa Pi sisters for a fun “sister keg” event! The venue will be providing an OPEN BAR which will include free well drinks and beer for a full 3 HOURS. It’ll be a great way to see some Geneseo friends and close out the summer! ūüôā

There will be a $40 cover charge, all profits will be going toward the Clio Corporation!

For more information for time and location please checkout the Facebook Event.

See you there!

Greek Challenge UPDATE 6/25


We’re still holding on to second with an amazing 27.1% participation rate from our alumni base. Clios hold the largest alumni base amongst all Geneseo’s sororities- so this number truly is spectacular.

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the challenge so far- it is a beautiful demonstration of Clio Pride!


Greek Challenge- UPDATE!

Keep up the great work, alumni!

With many of your help, we’ve been able to move clio into 3rd place with 17.1% alumni participation rate in the Greek Challenge. Thank you to all who have made their contribution thus far! This guarantees at least $2,000 in funds towards the active girls.


If you have not made your contribution yet, please consider doing so. You’ll be giving back both to the school and our sorority.



Fall 2014 Roster

Spring 2011                                                                                     

Christy Olivieri*

Fall 2011                                                                                          

Kelsey Giambruno*

Spring 2012                                                                                     

Cassidy Brennan

Lauren Furcinito

Lily Robinson

Maureen Sallie

Song Shin

Fall 2012

Lindsay Carr

Liesel Gutierrez

Catherine Heacox

Tara Rebuck

Victoria Salazar

Angelica Tan

Spring 2013

Aristea Bell

Taylor Campanelli

Alyssa Cole

Raven Gonzalez

Katherine Kiely

Aislinn Klein

Alexandra Lyons **

Jessica Ringler

Rebecca Spampinato

Angela Stanley 

Fall 2013

Taylor Cassisi

Isabelle Gale

Alix Toscano

Deneisa Wharton

Spring 2014

Karli Hollins

Megan Leicht

Melody McAlister

Elena Simic

* = Semi-active membership

** = Chapter house tenant commuting to MCC

Fall 2014 Positions

The new positions and who holds them for the Fall 2014 semester:

Upper Slate

True Clio                                                                                Catherine Heacox



President                                                                               Lindsay Carr



Vice President                                                                       Taylor Campanelli



House President                                                                    Cassidy Brennan



Treasurer                                                                               Maureen Sallie



Assistant True Clio                                                                Lauren Furcinito



Critic                                                                                       Alyssa Cole



Charity Coordinator                                                              Cassidy Brennan


Academic Chairperson                                                         Aristea Bell



Lower Slate

Assistant Charity Coordinator                                             Jessica Ringler



Assistant Treasurer                                                              Aristea Bell


Rush Counselor                                                                     Elena Simic


IGC/ISC Representatives                                                      Deneisa Wharton

                                                                                                  Karli Hollins



Assistant House President                                                   Songeun Shin



Activities Chairperson                                                          Catherine Heacox


Fundraising Chairpersons                                                   Cassidy Brennan

                                                                                                Leisel Guttierez



New Member Security                                                          Angela Stanley


                                                                                                Raven Gonzalez


                                                                                                Megan Leicht



Recording Secretary                                                                         Victoria Salazar



Corresponding and Alumni Secretary                                Alyssa Cole


Chaplain Teller                                                                      Melody McAlister



Historians                                                                               Tara Rebuck


Victoria Salazar

Angela Stanley

Deneisa Wharton

Meghan Leicht

Karli Hollins


Publicity Chairpersons                                                         Lauren Furcinito

                                                                                                Katherine Kiely


                                                                                                Raven Gonzalez


Personal Artifacts Chairpersons                                          Lauren Furcinito

                                                                                                Angelica Tan


                                                                                                Katie Kiely


Corporation Representative                                                Lauren Furcinito


Assistant Corporation Representatives                              Taylor Campanelli

                                                                                                Meghan Leicht


Honorary Member Coordinators                                         Songeun Shin

                                                                                                            Taylor Campanelli


Webmaster                                                                            Lily Robinson



Campus Involvement                                                           Angelica Tan

Alyssa Cole


Florist                                                                                     Victoria Salazar


Intramural Coordinators                                                      Aristea Bell

Jessica Ringler


Archives Chairpersons                                                         Tara Rebuck

                                                                                                Taylor Cassisi



Over Excellence Chairperson                                              Lindsay Carr


Under Excellence Chairperson                                            Melody McAlister

In House Sorority Council Member                                     TBA

            Out of House Sorority Council Member                              TBA



Greek Challenge!

Hi Clios!

The Greek Challenge is still on! If we are able to able to get 15% or more of our alumni to make an unrestricted gift of $20.00 or more OR match the unrestricted gift you make last year- we may be able to get $2,000 for our active girls.

Currently Clio is in 5th Place.

Click here to make you gift today !

To view a full roster of those who have donated you can check that out here!


One Week Until Alumni Weekend!

In approximately one week- all in attendance will be soaking up the rays in the lovely DKT ‘front yard’.
Schedule for the weekend (Tentative):
– Friday 4/25: 2PM Alumni Breakfast @DKT House (17 Franklin)
– Friday 4/25: 9PM SigTauParty @ Clio House (20 Wadsworth)
– Saturday 4/26: 2PM Wine & Cheese @ Clio House (20 Wadsworth)
– Saturday 4/26: 9PM Party @DKT (17 Franklin)