Clio Alumni Working Abroad (Africa)!

Happy Tuesday~

I wanted to give a shoutout to a Clio alumni working abroad in Kakamega, Kenya.

Rachael Massone works for the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) and has been abroad working at their Kakamega site since April 2015. If you have a chance please check out her blog to learn about her unique experiences there, and show your support by liking her organization’s FB page or by following @fsdkakamega on Twitter.

Active Clios– if you’re interested in the FSD, consider applying to their intern abroad program!

Thank you!


PS: Clios, if you would like for us to help spread the word on your organization please email We would LOVE the opportunity help share (and brag) about all of the amazing charitable efforts that our beautiful alumni base is a part of!





IGC 100th Reunion Selfie


Some of our beautiful alumni who returned to Geneseo for IGC’1 100th taking a #selfie!

From Left: Lisa Collins Pelletier ( our newest Corp. member) ’94, Kerri Fedigan Musso ’96 and Sara Rook (Corp. Liason) ’95



ALL ALUMNI: Feel free to send you alumni group pics for me to post up on the site 🙂 (

Corporation Updates 6/08/15

Hi All!

Please join us in welcoming Lisa Pelletier to the Clio corporation.  Lisa, was a member of the Spring ’92 pledge class, and graduated from Geneseo in 1994. We’re very excited to have Lisa on board as the new Corresponding Secretary! 🙂



IGC’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

Good Afternoon Clios!


The actives are planning a wonderful celebration for the Alumni that return at their house on 20 Wadsworth Street. They will be setting up a tent in the back of the house (similar to the 140th) and will have drinks and hors d’oeuvres available for all in attendance. We’ll have more information for you regarding a specific time as the event draws closer.

As mentioned in a previous update, they have also designed (very cute) apparel for this event which can be purchased through Special Tees.

So far, i’ve been told that only 10 clios have signed up as going to this. If you are going please spread the word to the rest of your Clio friends and pledge sisters. Let’s get the oldest (and best) sorority at Geneseo to represent with a strong turnout!





Corporation Updates 4/30/15

Hi All,

I hope everyone is enjoying the fabulous spring weather that we’re (finally) having!

We have a few updates to share with you all from the Corporation. We have a new Treasurer, Molly McLoughlin! Molly is a graduate from the class of 2014 and we’re very excited to have her on board  🙂

Additionally, we wanted to let you all know about Clio apparel for purchase through the Geneseo’s Special Tees! These are being made available particularly for those planning on going back to IGC’s 100th reunion taking place this June. How cute are those half-zips! 😉

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Geneseo Great Knight 4.21.15

Hi Alumni!

On April 21st, Geneseo is hosting a ‘Great Knight’ will which be Geneseo’s first every simultaneous celebration that will be occurring at 22 different locations across the country. Check here to see if there is an event near you! If you can, please consider going– this is a great way to support Geneseo and represent the best sorority ever as well 😉




Charities 2014-2015

Hi All!

Here is a list of the current charities that the actives have worked on over the past year:

  • We Believe In Jack
  • Crows Deep Freeze
  • Relay for Life
  • Anna’s Ball
  • Ride 4 Roswell: Jessica Ringler’s mother is riding at this event, and we are sponsoring her. She will wear our letters on the back of her shirt with our colors the day of the event. The following link is directed towards her donation page

If you’d like to reach out to them to hear about their work on a specific charity or to discuss other opportunities, please contact the current president Liesel Gutierrez: directly.


Spring 2015 Positions (Clio Actives)

Positions Spring 2015

True Clio: Catherine Heacox

President: Liesel Gutierrez

Vice President: Raven Gonzalez

House President: Cassidy Brennan

Treasurer: Aristea Bell

Assistant True Clio: Lauren Furcinito

Critic: Deneisa Wharton

Charity Coordinator: Jessica Ringler

Academic Chairperson: Alyssa Cole

Senior Corporation Representative: Lauren Furcinito

Corporation Representatives: Taylor Campanelli, Megan Leicht

In House Sorority Council: Maureen Sallie

Out of House Sorority Council: Katherine Kiely

Assistant Treasurer: Megan Leicht

Assistant Charity Coordinator: Melody McAlistar

IGC/ISC Representatives: Angela Stanley, Melody McAlistar

Rush Counselor: Taylor Campanelli

Assistant House President: Lindsay Carr

Activities Chairperson: Taylor Campanelli

Fundraising Chairpersons: Aristea Bell, Aislinn Klein

Recording Secretary: Raven Gonzalez

Corresponding & Alumni Secretaries: Lindsay Grome

Chaplain Teller: Melody McAlistar

Historians: Megan Leicht, Amelia Heiselman, Lindsay Grome, Maria Velasquez

Publicity Chairpersons: Raven Gonzalez, Elena Simic

Personal Artifacts Chairpersons: Katherine Kiely, Maria Velasquez

Honorary Member Coordinators: Deneisa Wharton, Katherine Kiely

Webmaster: Katherine Kiely

Florist: Amelia Heiselman

Intramural Coordinators: Jessica Ringler, Amelia Heiselman

Archives Chairpersons: Lindsay Grome, Elena Simic

New Member Security: Liesel Gutierrez, Angela Stanley, Maria Velasquez

Campus Involvement: Alyssa Cole, Songeun Shin