Go FundMe

Hi Alumni,

The actives are also working together to help raise money for loved ones affected by recent tragedy. If you have a moment please take a time to read about their stories; if you have the means to make a donation, they would be greatly appreciated.

Go FundMe for Connor Tewes

GO FundMe for Jessica Stevens

(view Jessica’s story here)


Alzheimer’s Walk

The actives will be participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk on October 15th. If you are interested in making donations towards team ‘Alpha Clio’ please visit their page. Remember donations are tax deductible and many companies participate in donation matching!


Fall ’16

The actives have taken 6 new girls into their Fall Pledge Class:

Hanna Dean
Jaspreet Kaur
Camille David
Brianna Paulino
Julia Rabinovich
Emily Gossin

left to right, Hanna, Emily, Jaspreet, Julia, Brianna, Camille

left to right, Hanna, Emily, Jaspreet, Julia, Brianna, Camille

We can wait to officially welcome these newest baby daisies in just a few weeks!



Clio Rush Dates Fall 2016

Potential New Members!

Here are the Clio events taking place this semester. Please feel free to stop by one (or all) to learn more about Clio!

9/7- Informal from 7PM – 9PM @ 20 wads
9/11 – Formal from 5PM – 7PM (invitation only)
9/12 – Scavenger hunt from 6PM – 8PM
9/14 – BBQ  from  6PM – 8PM @ 15 Franklin



Fall 2016 Upper and Lower Slate Positions


See below for the list of all sorority positions and the current actives who hold them:

Upper Slate 

True Clio: Melody McAlister
President: Katelyn DiDonato
Vice President: Kodie Sears
House President: Rachel Coons
Assistant True Clio: Meaghan Rose Kiely
Senior Corporation Representative: Megan Leicht
Critic: Jordyn Andrews
Academic Chairperson: Kelsey LoPresto
Lower Slate
Recording Secretary: Cassidy Dahl
Sophomore Corporation Representative: Kendall Godt
Assistant Treasurer: Abbye Schmitz
Assistant House President: Mazarine Desruisseaux
Campus Involvement: Elaine Murray, Rachel Federman, Simone Johnson
IGC/ISC Representative: Jocelyn Lee, Erinn Shay, Sarah Graham
Rush Counselor: Kendall Godt
Activities Chair: Kodie Sears and Brianna Zakala
Fundraising Chair: Shannon Keane, Mays Kiernan
Corresponding and Alumni Secretary: Samantha Scott, Jocelyn Lee
Historians: Kendall Godt, Kate DiDonato, Abbye Schmitz, Ilayda Polat
Publicity Chair: Samantha Scott, Olivia Sais
Personal Artifacts: Meaghan Kiely, Sarah Graham
Honorary Member Coordinators: Jordyn Andrews, Kelsey LoPresto, Ivana Gabriele
Archives Chair: Erinn Shay, Simone Johnson
Intramural Coordinators:Erinn Shay, Melissa Mastoridis
New Member Security: Brianna Zakala, Samantha Scott, Ilayda Polat, Ivana Gabriele, Abbye Schmitz
Love in Clio,
Clio Corp

Spring 2016!

Welcome to Clio’s newest baby daisies, left to right their names are: Erinn Shay, Ivana Gabriele, Abbye Schmitz, Samantha Scott, Ilayda Polat, and Kendall Godt

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Congrats girls! Welcome to the greatest sorority, ever.