In Memoriam


It is with a heavy heart that we announce Alumni Sister Mary Moran Turner ’82, who was the driving force in the girls who saved the sorority in 1979 passed away June 29, 2016. There would be no sorority today if she had not taken the steps to spearhead the actions of our group to approach the actives and join the sorority. She is missed every day.


Annual Migrant Children’s Christmas Party


The actives held the annual Migrant Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday 12/3. This is an event that actives have sponsored annually for quite some time now (30+ years!)

 If any alumni are willing and able to help out with gift donations for the kids’ parents that will be delivered for them to open on Christmas Morning please let us know by or before Dec. 20th.


Annual Migrant Children's Christmas Party

Annual Migrant Children’s Christmas Party 2016

PS- Does anyone happen to know the exact year this tradition started?



Baby Daisies! FALL ’16 *)’

The actives have officially crossed a new crop of BABY DAISIES!

Congratulations to Brianna Paulino, Hanna Dean, Jaspreet Kaur, Emily Gossin, Camille David, Julia Rabinovich!


Top row left to right then bottom row left to right: Brianna Paulino, Hanna Dean, Jaspreet Kaur, Emily Gossin, Camille David, Julia Rabinovich



Fall'16 with moms

They dressed like babies and the moms dressed as “Long Island moms”

Welcome to the best sorority ever, ladies.


Full Corp!

Hi All-

We’re excited to say that we have filled all of the open positions on the Corporation!

Nina Caraveo has officially been voted in as the new Treasurer and Laura Caley has been voted in as the new Secretary.


Sorority Alumni Liaison Update!

Hi All-

Sara Rook is the Corp’s Sorority Alumni Liaison, her role includes meeting with the actives each semester to ensure they’re doing well and to communicate any/all issues back to us.

Here are some updates from her latest meeting with them a few weeks ago:

Active Wish List:

  • house lock- the actives have had a lot of items stolen and hope have a passcode lock in place will help keep the house more secure
  • blinds for the windows
  • toaster oven
  • paper towel and toilet paper holders
  • dish towels
  • cleaning supplies
  • cushions for a bench
  • stump removal- the landlord will not pay to have the tree stumps removed which makes parking difficult

We know many people have inquired about the Greek Challenge money, here some information regarding how it was spent:

The Greek challenge money went to many things that have benefited Clio. With it we bought new couches and shirts for bids. It also covered the fees for a senior banquet and a formal. The girls were very fortunate and thankful for all of the new things they were able to receive and for saving them a lot of money.

Love in Clio,


Meet Zeus

The actives have a new mascot! :o)

Sister Brianna Zakala recently brought on purebred boxed named Zeus (after Mpenosynes & Zeus, Clio’s parents)- who will be a part of the Clio family during her time at Geneseo!

I think Zeus needs his own jersey!



Happy Hump Day!

New Corp President!

Hi All,

We’ve had some changes on the Corp and are excited to say that Abbey Clark- who is the longest running current corp member, has stepped up to take on the position of Clio Corporation President (after a unanimous vote).

Here are a few words from Abbey:


Clio Sisters,

     Greetings as your new Alpha Clionian Corporation President. As an active member of the Corporation for approximately 10 years, I look forward to serve as your leader. My experience has driven me to focus on the following areas for the Corporation’s future: engagement, philanthropy, charity, and active/alumni relations. My goal is to establish a devoted alumni association to ensure we continue to thrive. Please look for ongoing updates from the Corporation and actives as we work together to achieve our goals. Please feel free to reach out to me if there is anything you’d like to discuss:


Alumni Sister Abbey Clark ’05