Pledge Book Tradition

Do you remember the tradition from your pledge book where you were to donate $10.00 from your first paycheck after graduation to the actives? Did you ever do this?
If not or you just can’t remember, consider giving now! In partnership with the Corporation, we are asking that alumni make this $10.00 donation before the end of the semester.
How do you donate? Just click on the PayPal link on the website or mail a check to the actives at 20 Wadsworth Street.
Our goal is to get 100 alumni to fulfill their pledging promise and donate $10.00.
Twenty percent will be donated back to the Clio Corporation based on another tradition from your pledge book.
For questions, please reach out to Jackie Thompson at
Actives & Corporation

Charity Updates- Cazale Community & Cultural Center Inc.

Event: Raising Money For Cazale Community and Cultural Center Inc.
Date: Ongoing
Location: Cazale Community Center in Haiti
Description: Clio has helped raise close to $500 for the community and cultural center in Haiti, which provides children with school supplies and a place to learn during the day because this area does not have access to a school. The money being raised currently will be going to an indoor bathroom which the center does not have at the moment.

If you would like to learn more about how you can participate, please reach out!


Alumni Networking Event Fall 2017

Hi Ladies-

Come get to know the actives and alumni of our sorority better at the Fall Fundraising/Networking Event! We’d like to give the active sisters a chance to learn more about their job interests and life post-college. There will be fun networking games and raffles to raise money for the Corporation. Appetizers will be provided, drinks available for purchase.
When: Saturday November 4th
Where: Jembetat Rochester, NY

If any questions reach out to Jackie Thompson 3154066350

Fall 2017 Homecoming


I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer! We just wanted to share some quick summer updates:

  • Homecoming is right around the corner. We’ll be sharing more details regarding Clio specific events as they become available.
  • If anyone had a chance to checkout the latest issue of the Geneseo Scene, a group photo of our 145th reunion made it to page 32!




2017 Senior Spotlight – Kodie Sears

Hi Ladies-

If you are in Kodie’s field and would be able to help her in either networking or learning more about her desired industry- please reach-out!


Name: Kodie Sears

Graduation Year: 2017

Pledge Class: Fall 2015

Clio Positions: Vice President, Activities Chairperson

Major/Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Honors/Acolytes: Dean’s List, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trained

Extracurricular Activities: Interned this past semester at Crestwood Children’s Center in


I hope to pursue a career in the following area & industry: I’d like to eventually pursue a

career in clinical psychology and am looking into graduate programs over the next few months,

but am planning to find an internship to fill this gap period.

I would like to network with alumni in the following careers & locations: Would prefer to stay

in New York until I finish graduate school, but am open to possibilities. I am very interested in

working with children specifically and have had prior experience working closely with children

with disabilities as well as children with emotional and mood disorders.

Clio Scholarship 2017 Winner!

Hey Ladies,

Here are some details about the active that was selected to receive the 2017 Clio Endowed Scholarship:

Name: Shannon Keane
Pledge Class: Spring 15
Graduation Year: June 2018
Major/Minor: Major in geography with a minor in environmental studies
Position: For next year, ATC
Activities outside Clio: Geography club, directed study with a professor, Great day presentation about how ecotheology in the South Pacific has been effected by Climate change, internship this summer at a nature conservation center, deans list fall 2016 and spring 2016.
Congrats Shannon!