Fall 2017 Homecoming


I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer! We just wanted to share some quick summer updates:

  • Homecoming is right around the corner. We’ll be sharing more details regarding Clio specific events as they become available.
  • If anyone had a chance to checkout the latest issue of the Geneseo Scene, a group photo of our 145th reunion made it to page 32!




2017 Senior Spotlight – Kodie Sears

Hi Ladies-

If you are in Kodie’s field and would be able to help her in either networking or learning more about her desired industry- please reach-out!


Name: Kodie Sears

Graduation Year: 2017

Pledge Class: Fall 2015

Clio Positions: Vice President, Activities Chairperson

Major/Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Honors/Acolytes: Dean’s List, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trained

Extracurricular Activities: Interned this past semester at Crestwood Children’s Center in


I hope to pursue a career in the following area & industry: I’d like to eventually pursue a

career in clinical psychology and am looking into graduate programs over the next few months,

but am planning to find an internship to fill this gap period.

I would like to network with alumni in the following careers & locations: Would prefer to stay

in New York until I finish graduate school, but am open to possibilities. I am very interested in

working with children specifically and have had prior experience working closely with children

with disabilities as well as children with emotional and mood disorders.

Clio Scholarship 2017 Winner!

Hey Ladies,

Here are some details about the active that was selected to receive the 2017 Clio Endowed Scholarship:

Name: Shannon Keane
Pledge Class: Spring 15
Graduation Year: June 2018
Major/Minor: Major in geography with a minor in environmental studies
Position: For next year, ATC
Activities outside Clio: Geography club, directed study with a professor, Great day presentation about how ecotheology in the South Pacific has been effected by Climate change, internship this summer at a nature conservation center, deans list fall 2016 and spring 2016.
Congrats Shannon!

2017 Senior Spotlight – Melissa Mastoridis

Hi Ladies-
Here an another summary from one of the active Clio Seniors who will be graduating this May. If you are in an industry related to Melissa’s interests and might be able help her network, please reach-out.
Name: Melissa Mastoridis
Graduation Year: 2017
Pledge Class: Spring ’15
Current Clio Position: Academic Chairperson
 Major/Minor: psychology on a pre PT track
Hometown: New Hyde Park
Honors/Acolytes: Dean’s List
I hope to pursue a career in the following area & industry: Physical Therapy
I would like to network with alumni in the following careers & location: preferably physical therapy, occupational therapy, guidance counseling, anything in these areas with athletes and/or children/preferably on Long Island, NY
~Fun Fact~ I’ve played basketball for 10 years, it’s my favorite sport to play and I’m only 5 feet tall!

#TBT – A tid-bit of Clio History

A Clio pin that was from the initiation of Lillian Estelle Haas in 1924 was recently mailed to the active sisters. Here is a great story and piece of history as it relates to Clio:

Lillian graduated New Paltz when it was the NY state teachers college. She taught in Great Neck for a few years, then in Southampton when she married.  She moved to Orlando, FL in 1945 and taught there until retiring in 1965.  She kept in close touch with her Clio sisters all her life, visiting back and forth over the years.In 1928 she and 2 other Clio’s drove her Ford Model T with a rumble seat across the USA from New York to California for the summer Olympics.  They spent their entire summer vacation touring the country and braving the roads.  They stayed in boardinghouses and also with some friends and relatives.  Brave, spirited young women.  

In her 80’s she reminisced that her college experience, especially Clio, was the favorite time of her life.  She was proud to have received bids from all three sororities on campus at that time, but never considered anyone but Clio.

Her experience left no doubt in my mind that I wished to join a sisterhood when I went to college.  I was thrilled to receive a bid to Pi Beta Phi in 1957.  For 60 years now it has been an integral part of my life. 

The foundations that have been established by Pi Phi and others provide financial support to sisters in need, scholarship and fellowship aid to help sisters reach their educational goals.  All faiths and political views are now welcomed.  An evolution of love and bonding.  Strength and support abound in our joining with one another. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share a two generation combined total of 130 years of gratitude for what is provided by these organizations.  I expect the growth and caring to continue to increase in the times of my granddaughters and theirs.

Perhaps you could use her pin as a rotating honor for a member who has an outstanding year, or one who embodies the spirit of the woman who originally owned and treasured it so highly.

A pin from 93 years ago, quite a chunk of the 145 year history.  Lillian’s birthday was February 18.  I thought of the pin then. It is in perfect condition with a guard, gold with pearls.  She would be thrilled that it will go to her Clio sisters.

~ Jean Donnelly Maclay, Pi Beta Phi

Current True Clio- Melody McAlister wearing the True Clio blazer with the pin attached!


Dean’s List

Congratulations to the actives that made Dean’s List last semester (Fall 2016):

Kate DiDonato (Spring 15)

Melissa Mastoridis (Spring 15)

Olivia Sais (Spring 15)

Kelsey LoPresto (Fall 15)

Kodie Sears (Fall 15)

Samantha Scott (Spring 16)

2017 Senior Spotlight – Megan Leicht

Hi Ladies-
Here an another summary from one of the active Clio Seniors who will be graduating this May. If you are in an industry related to Megan’s interests and might be able help her network, please feel free to reach-out.
Name: Megan Leicht
Graduation Year: 2017
Pledge Class: Spring 2014
Current Clio Positions: Senior Corporation Representative and Honorary Member Coordinator; Past Positions: Vice President, Critic, New Member Security, Historian, Assistant Treasurer
Major: Psychology with a minor in Sociology
Hometown: Oceanside, Long Island
I hope to pursue a career in the following area & industry: industrial-organizational psychology or other related psychology industries
I would like to network with alumni in the following locations and careers: New York City or Rochester in any type of psychology-related industry

Anna’s Ball Fundraiser


Anna’s Ball is a yearly fundraiser help by the College that the actives participate in every year. Please click on the link below if you would like to learn more and donate!




*Please note the event has already passed but they are still accepting donations.