RUSH Spring 2019

Interested in learning more about Clio?

All Geneseo students are eligible and encouraged to participate in recruitment. To be eligible to join a sorority, students must be in their second semester at Geneseo with 12 credit hours completed and a minimum cumulative gpa of 2.0. Transfer students with at least 12 transferable credits and a minimum gpa of 3.5 may appeal these guidelines to the Assistant Dean of Students for Fraternal Life. Students wishing to accept an offer of membership from a fraternity/sorority must have completed a Grade Waiver Form via Knightweb and be deemed eligible prior to the offer being made.



The sisters of Clio are always looking for potential new members. If you are interested, feel free to reach-out to a sister on campus to learn more.









Upper Slate:
TC- Jaspreet Kaur
ATC- Tessa Corbishley
President- Emily Gossin
VP- Abbye Schmitz
Academic- Kayla Bowler
Critic- Lindsay Kent
House President- Amber Schafer
Treasurer- Tessa Corbishley
Charity- Jaspreet Kaur
Senior Corp Rep- Lindsay Kent
Lower Slate:
Assistant House President- Ivana Gabriele
IGC/ISC Representatives- Nicole Colgan, Annabelle Anich, Angela Villalta
Chaplain Teller- Destiny Parsons
Personal Artifacts- Nicole Guimaraes, Mary Higgins
Activities- Nicole Guimaraes, Ivana Gabriele
Fundraising- Eunice Han, Meghan Pomilio
Sophomore Corp Rep- Hannah Nicchi
Honorary Member Coordinator- Julia Rabinovich, Eunice Han, Meghan Pomilio
Webmaster- Mary Higgins
Publicity- Abbye Schmitz, Nicole Colgan
Recording Secretary- Angela Villalta
Corresponding and Alumni- Annabelle Anich, Hannah Nicchi
Rush Counselor- Lindsay Kent
Florist- Kayla Bowler
Intramural Coordinator- Jaspreet Kaur
Archives- Meghan Pomilio, Tessa Corbishley
New Member Security- Mary Higgins, Emily Mastrota, Abbye Schmitz, Nicole Colgan, Eunice Han, Kayla Bowler, Hannah Nicchi, Angela Villalta, Kristine Rupnarain
Campus Involvement- Sarah Kim
Historians- Amber Schafer, Nicole Guimaraes, Kristine Rupnarain, Emily Mastrota
Sustainability Chairperson- Savanna Finck