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This website is managed by the Clio Alumni Corporation. Alumni, feel free to reach out if you have Clio related announcements for us to share on here or with any inquiries or comments!



Clio Corporation Board 2017

The 2017 Clio Corporation officers:

President: Abbey Clark| cliocorppresident@gmail.com |Find me on LinkedIn!

Vice President: Alyssa Jordancliocorpvicepresident@gmail.com |Find me on LinkedIn!

Secretary: Laura Caley | cliocorpsecretary@gmail.com |

Treasurer: Nina Caraveo | cliocorptreasurer@gmail.com

House Chairperson: Jen Curci | cliocorphouse@gmail.com | Find me on LinkedIn!

Website Chairperson: Sabrina Amin | cliocorpwebmaster@gmail.com | Find me on LinkedIn!

Fundraising Chairperson: Jacqueline Thompson | cliocorpfundraising@gmail.com

Sorority Alumni Liasion: Sara Scholomiti Rook | cliocorpliaison@gmail.com

Alumni Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Pelletier | cliocorpcorresponding@gmail.com