2017 Senior Spotlight – Kodie Sears

Hi Ladies-

If you are in Kodie’s field and would be able to help her in either networking or learning more about her desired industry- please reach-out!


Name: Kodie Sears

Graduation Year: 2017

Pledge Class: Fall 2015

Clio Positions: Vice President, Activities Chairperson

Major/Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Honors/Acolytes: Dean’s List, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trained

Extracurricular Activities: Interned this past semester at Crestwood Children’s Center in


I hope to pursue a career in the following area & industry: I’d like to eventually pursue a

career in clinical psychology and am looking into graduate programs over the next few months,

but am planning to find an internship to fill this gap period.

I would like to network with alumni in the following careers & locations: Would prefer to stay

in New York until I finish graduate school, but am open to possibilities. I am very interested in

working with children specifically and have had prior experience working closely with children

with disabilities as well as children with emotional and mood disorders.

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