#ThrowBackThursday- the Clio House in 1982.

Which ladies had the opportunity to ‘porch chill’ there?


Clio House back in '82!
Clio House in ’82!

6 thoughts on “#TBT”

  1. Lived there for two years…..first room at the top of the steps on the right with Donna Herman in79-80 and the room with the chimney on the third floor as a single ( because I was house president) in 80-81….loved can that house. Glad I didn’t know it was being torn down till it was gone, I don’t think I could have handled seeing it!!!!!!

  2. I lived there in 1979 on the second floor near the fire escape. What great memories! A lot of Porch and roof sitting. IB was practically in our back yard! Loved that house!

    1. 6 Park Street….before that house there was a house next door that the sorority lived in in 1977. They were evicted and moved next door….

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