Fall 2016 Upper and Lower Slate Positions


See below for the list of all sorority positions and the current actives who hold them:

Upper Slate 

True Clio: Melody McAlister
President: Katelyn DiDonato
Vice President: Kodie Sears
House President: Rachel Coons
Assistant True Clio: Meaghan Rose Kiely
Senior Corporation Representative: Megan Leicht
Critic: Jordyn Andrews
Academic Chairperson: Kelsey LoPresto
Lower Slate
Recording Secretary: Cassidy Dahl
Sophomore Corporation Representative: Kendall Godt
Assistant Treasurer: Abbye Schmitz
Assistant House President: Mazarine Desruisseaux
Campus Involvement: Elaine Murray, Rachel Federman, Simone Johnson
IGC/ISC Representative: Jocelyn Lee, Erinn Shay, Sarah Graham
Rush Counselor: Kendall Godt
Activities Chair: Kodie Sears and Brianna Zakala
Fundraising Chair: Shannon Keane, Mays Kiernan
Corresponding and Alumni Secretary: Samantha Scott, Jocelyn Lee
Historians: Kendall Godt, Kate DiDonato, Abbye Schmitz, Ilayda Polat
Publicity Chair: Samantha Scott, Olivia Sais
Personal Artifacts: Meaghan Kiely, Sarah Graham
Honorary Member Coordinators: Jordyn Andrews, Kelsey LoPresto, Ivana Gabriele
Archives Chair: Erinn Shay, Simone Johnson
Intramural Coordinators:Erinn Shay, Melissa Mastoridis
New Member Security: Brianna Zakala, Samantha Scott, Ilayda Polat, Ivana Gabriele, Abbye Schmitz
Love in Clio,
Clio Corp

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