IGC’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

Good Afternoon Clios!


The actives are planning a wonderful celebration for the Alumni that return at their house on 20 Wadsworth Street. They will be setting up a tent in the back of the house (similar to the 140th) and will have drinks and hors d’oeuvres available for all in attendance. We’ll have more information for you regarding a specific time as the event draws closer.

As mentioned in a previous update, they have also designed (very cute) apparel for this event which can be purchased through Special Tees.

So far, i’ve been told that only 10 clios have signed up as going to this. If you are going please spread the word to the rest of your Clio friends and pledge sisters. Let’s get the oldest (and best) sorority at Geneseo to represent with a strong turnout!





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