Spring 2015 Positions (Clio Actives)

Positions Spring 2015

True Clio: Catherine Heacox

President: Liesel Gutierrez

Vice President: Raven Gonzalez

House President: Cassidy Brennan

Treasurer: Aristea Bell

Assistant True Clio: Lauren Furcinito

Critic: Deneisa Wharton

Charity Coordinator: Jessica Ringler

Academic Chairperson: Alyssa Cole

Senior Corporation Representative: Lauren Furcinito

Corporation Representatives: Taylor Campanelli, Megan Leicht

In House Sorority Council: Maureen Sallie

Out of House Sorority Council: Katherine Kiely

Assistant Treasurer: Megan Leicht

Assistant Charity Coordinator: Melody McAlistar

IGC/ISC Representatives: Angela Stanley, Melody McAlistar

Rush Counselor: Taylor Campanelli

Assistant House President: Lindsay Carr

Activities Chairperson: Taylor Campanelli

Fundraising Chairpersons: Aristea Bell, Aislinn Klein

Recording Secretary: Raven Gonzalez

Corresponding & Alumni Secretaries: Lindsay Grome

Chaplain Teller: Melody McAlistar

Historians: Megan Leicht, Amelia Heiselman, Lindsay Grome, Maria Velasquez

Publicity Chairpersons: Raven Gonzalez, Elena Simic

Personal Artifacts Chairpersons: Katherine Kiely, Maria Velasquez

Honorary Member Coordinators: Deneisa Wharton, Katherine Kiely

Webmaster: Katherine Kiely

Florist: Amelia Heiselman

Intramural Coordinators: Jessica Ringler, Amelia Heiselman

Archives Chairpersons: Lindsay Grome, Elena Simic

New Member Security: Liesel Gutierrez, Angela Stanley, Maria Velasquez

Campus Involvement: Alyssa Cole, Songeun Shin

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